Electric vehicles, or EVs, are all the buzz right now in the automotive and motorsport industry. Many manufacturers are heavily investing in electric technology and many, like FMC or GMC, have announced that within the next 5-15 years, their goal is to only sell electric engines. What does that mean for events coming up? Expect more trade shows, races and public facing events to start hosting EVs. Backwoods Promotions can support your next show with all of your company’s event staffing needs.



Is your company developing a new electric model, and you’d like to support your booth with event staff at your next event? At Backwoods Promotions we specialize in the industries that we are passionate about! With years of experience in the motorsports, automotive and outdoor industries we can provide great event staff at your next show. Are you looking for…..


-Promotional models to display a new electric product launch?

-Product specialists to provide walk-arounds for new electric vehicles?

-Brand Ambassadors to assist with EV giveaways?

-Lead Generation specialists to increase your email marketing?

-Demo scheduling for new electric ride-and-drives to your future customers?



While there are currently a lot of electric options on the market, even more are coming in 2023! With each vehicle iteration, electric manufacturers are adding more features and extending their range capacities. Shockingly (no pun intended) the automotive and motorsport industry is racing into the next year in developing and delivering the highest quality fully electric products to their consumers. If your brand is looking to  Let’s work together in expanding your brand experience with event staff! 


Every event we attend is unique, and the target market of your brand is always evolving.

At Backwoods Promotions we encourage all of our clients, and future clients, to contact us for their 

event staffing needs!